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The 2019 - 2020 TurboTax TaxCaster App.

A refreshing view of the The TurboTax TaxCaster application for Smartphone's, computers, and tablets.

In just minutes you can get a quick estimate of your 2019 - 2020 tax refund.

As we move forward into 2020, it's not uncommon for tax filers to get all kinds of anxiety from the uncertainty that lingers around not knowing where you stand with the IRS.

It's a uncomfortable place to be, but there's no reason for keeping yourself in the dark with the TurboTax TaxCaster Application.

This step by step guide shows you just how easy to use it really is. Just enter some basic income and deduction information and watch your refund add up on screen.

The TaxCaster App uses the same TurboTax tax calculator found at TurboTax Online.

TaxCaster Shows You Where You Stand with Uncle Sam!

Use the TaxCaster App from TurboTax to get a quick estimate of your tax liability before you prepare your income tax return.

Use it throughout the year to determine if you need to adjust your paycheck withholding to avoid paying too much or too little withholding or quarterly payments. This helps to avoid IRS penalties, or giving Uncle Sam an interest free loan till you get your overpayment back.

If your like me and hate surprises come July 15, then this product will help you make sure that your not piddling money away.

See What TurboTax Product Is Right For You!

The TurboTax TaxCaster App uses information you provide such as income, employment, filing status, investments, and deductions to evaluate and recommend the best tax preparation product for your tax filing needs.

The TurboTax TaxCaster Application for smart phones offers quick on the go tax calculations that can keep you up to date as life changes happen.

Use it any time throughout the year to stay on top of IRS financial obligations.

The TaxCaster App provides an estimate of your tax liability based on the information that you provide.

As changes happen in your life, input them into the app to see how it effects your financial tax obligations with the Internal Revenue Service.

The New 2020 TaxCaster App by TurboTax

New 2020 TaxCaster Features

  • Updated with the latest tax law rates
  • Support features and field help
  • Optimized for newest Smartphone's

Life Changes That May Affect Your Tax Bill:

The TaxCaster is a great tool to use for checking how life changes may impact your taxes based on life changes you may be planning on making.

Most income and family adjustments  make a difference on how your taxes and deductions are calculated.

Major life changes and events like changing jobs, getting married, having a baby, buying a house, education and medical expenses, or retirement can have a big impact on how your taxes are calculated.

Whether you use the TurboTax TaxCaster Online or the TaxCaster App for smart phones and iphones, you will be impressed.

Simplicity is built into TurboTax TaxCaster with its ease of use, and how it keeps you in touch with your income tax obligations all year long, as well as what your income tax liability may be.

TurboTax TaxCaster App Review Results

Our newest review revealed again that this is a tax tool for those who want simplicity in their life. It is a very nice tax planning tool that can keep you on top of your IRS income tax obligations all through the year.

Knowing what to expect as the tax season comes to a close, is largely dependant on your personal income and investments, along with what changes may have occurred during the tax year.

I personally use the TurboTax TaxCaster App at least once a month to keep tabs on my withholding, and for making sure I don't need to make any financial adjustments to compensate for changes in my life.

It's a great tool to help you plan early before you sit down to actually prepare and file your federal and state income taxes.

 Give it  a try, You'll love it, I'm sure!