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Calculate Income Taxes 2017 - 2018

You can calculate income taxes early in the tax season for FREE to keep the stress level down. Just knowing what your tax obligation is with the federal government will relive the anxiety which can be a frustrating challenge if your uncertain of what your financial liability may be with our old pal Uncle Sam.

Fortunately you can eliminate that uncertainty with a quick and simple tax calculation by using one of the FREE tax refund software calculators below to calculate your income taxes owed or refund amount.

To calculate your income taxes, you do not have to enter any personal identification data, so your identity is kept private.

Just answer some simple financial questions like tax year income, deductions and paycheck withholdings and your ready to calculate income taxes owed, or even better, how big your refund is going to be.

Calculate Federal IRS Income Taxes Free

Use Our Income Tax Calculator To:

Find out if you can reduce your paycheck withholdings and still get a tax return refund or come out even.

Calculate Income Taxes for FREE to determine your Internal Revenue Service financial liability - or the refund amount you will receive.

Use the tax calculator several times throughout the year to ensure you are on track with saving for, or paying enough income taxes to satisfy our old buddy Uncle Sam.

Tax Calculator Tips

Taxes are an unavoidable burden but without planning, your annual tax liability can become very uncertain.

Using our tax calculator above will help you determine your estimated tax liability that you should be preparing to meet. You can also use our tax brackets and tax rates calculator to determine your average and marginal tax rates.

How to Estimate Your Income Taxes With Our Federal 2017 - 2018 Tax Calculator

To begin estimating your taxes with the tax calculator enter your income information, you can enter your net income to ensure a more accurate calculation. Your net income is the amount you made this year minus your deductions.

Other factors to consider are Social Security and Medicare which are not calculated into the results with our simple calculator. If you would like to include these in your calculations use the TurboTax or H&R Block tax estimators. They are free to use and no personal identification is required.

The Tax Calculator will estimate your 2017 - 2018 Tax Return and any tax refund you will receive. This calculator will be updated annually as the IRS releases the latest figures for each new tax year. We offer the use of this tax calculator free of charge, and we do NOT collect any personal information about you. Use it anonymously.

You should calculate your income taxes prior to preparing your tax return so that your not in the position of falling into a last minute surprise tax bill.


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